Review the timeline of our history to learn more about our heritage and the evolution of Mayar Foods.

  1. In the year 1943, the late Shaikh Abdul Kader Al Muhaidib, envisioned a new way to transform Saudi Arabia’s industries to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding domestic market.

    Ever since, numerous projects were launched to achieve his vision, with years of tireless efforts and collective contributions, Mayar Foods stands today as one of the leaders in the food industry. We are one of the largest distributors of food and related products, headquartered in the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia. We are proud to deliver a comprehensive collection of rice brands with proven quality and innovation.

  2. Our first ever shipment of rice

  3. First shipment of rice imported from India and Pakistan

  4. Major regional expansion within the Saudi Arabian Market

  5. Establishment of Al Muhaidib Foods

  6. Established Quality Lab and Rice Mills

  7. Focused on core brands (Punjabi AlMuhaidib, AlWalimah, White Swan)

  8. Launch AlAila Rice as a new trademark in the local & international markets

  9. Changing the company name from AlMuhaidib foods to Mayar foods

  10. Launch AlWalimah Style Sauces as 1st Saudi Made rice sauces.

  11. We are continuing to launch innovative products with a high-quality standard.